Liquid silicone mobile phone case is the strongest king in mobile phone case

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First of all, let me tell you about science. Liquid silicone is relatively solid high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. It is a liquid glue. It has the advantages of good fluidity, safety and environmental protection, and has excellent tear strength, resilience, and thermal stability. Used in baby products, medical products and electronic products. So, what is such a good liquid silicone used as a mobile phone case? The following mobile phone case can be used to show you the charm of the liquid silicone mobile phone case.

[Soft material, better protection]

This liquid silicone mobile phone case uses imported natural silicone, and the material meets the requirements of food grade, bringing a delicate and comfortable feel. It is a one-piece synthetic liquid silicone, which has strong toughness and elasticity, is relatively soft and is not easy to deform, and it is not easy to hurt the mobile phone when it is disassembled. In contrast, the ordinary mobile phone soft shell only pursues softness, but does not have better resilience. Therefore, in this regard, the liquid silicone mobile phone case is relatively excellent.

[Elaborate design, more suitable for mobile phones]

The mobile phone cases we buy online often show that the hole position and the mobile phone cannot be accurately matched after getting it, which is the most annoying. But this phone case is more careful, each hole is just right, and fits perfectly. The edge of the camera is also intimately increased by 0.3mm, which effectively protects the camera and is not easily scratched. In addition, the edge of the phone case is 1.2mm higher than the screen, so the phone does not have to worry about landing on the ground, and it is very friendly to full-screen phones.

【Anti-fall and anti-fouling】

The biggest function of the mobile phone case is to protect the mobile phone, but the mobile phone cases I bought before can't withstand a little blow, and the game is over once. What I am most gratified by this phone case is its 3M drop resistance, which can reduce the impact of shock when landing, and better protect the phone. The phone case has velvet inside, which makes the feel smoother and reduces the damage to the back of the phone. Moreover, this highly elastic silicone mobile phone case can be washed and decontaminated, and can be scratch-proof, fingerprint-proof and oil-proof. There is no need to buy a mobile phone case that is dirty and then replace it. Wash it with water and it will be OK. This is really intimate, much more detailed than ordinary mobile phone cases.

【to sum up】

In general, the material of this liquid silicone mobile phone case is its biggest plus. It is soft and flexible, so it can better protect the phone. The appearance is relatively simple, but the fit with the mobile phone is relatively high, and it is also anti-drop and anti-fouling, which is also very good. If you want to change to a more satisfactory mobile phone case, I think liquid silicone mobile phone case is a very good choice.

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