Talk about the commonly used environmentally friendly silicone mobile phone cases

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Environmental protection silicone mobile phone case

In addition to the reduction in the price of silicone molds, other factors will also affect. From the perspective of economics, when there are many manufacturers in the market and the demand is low, the price of silicone molds will also decrease, which is inevitable Yes, so manufacturers must consider market demand when producing molds, and also consider supply demand. If the price of raw materials decreases, the price of silicone molds will also decrease.

Environmental protection silicone mobile phone case

Before use, it is necessary to infiltrate the bubble with high temperature hot water for a period of time. Although it has been vulcanized for a second time, at present, many silicone products manufacturers have a short vulcanization time and the product substance is not excessive. As a precaution, the killing process must be guaranteed. 2. Use warm water or boiling water mixed with white vinegar or cola from time to time. This method is to maintain the appearance of the product to prevent chemical reactions between grease and sauce. It can be wiped with a soft cloth, clean water, liquid elimination, and can not be scrubbed with hard objects such as iron brush steel balls.

The silicone shell is widely used in daily life. It can help us to provide protection measures for many items such as electronic digital speakers, silicone protective covers for cameras, silicone protective covers for cameras, silicone protective covers for mobile phones, silicone covers for Bluetooth headsets, etc. The external appearance is no exception, so sometimes the knowledge about the silicone shell sometimes makes consumers puzzled during the use process such as: Glory Bluetooth headset silicone shell, Apple earphone cover sticky dust? And other factors, then what about the sticky dust of the silicone protective sleeve? This problem, let's find out how to solve the bluetooth headset silicone case is easy to get ash!

A physical and fairly stable material is tasteless, has good mildew resistance, excellent temperature resistance and electrical properties, and is resistant to oxygen, light and aging. Except for strong acids and solvents, it hardly reacts with any substance and is insoluble in any water and solvents. Typical characteristics of silicone material: temperature resistance: products made of silicone rubber have excellent temperature resistance performance, and they still lose their original strength and elasticity in the environment of -50 ~ 250 ℃, and most common materials are It can work stably in the environment of -30~200℃, and the temperature range of special silica gel optimized and modified is widened.

Environmental protection silicone mobile phone case

The current market price of Bluetooth headset sleeves varies in quality. I was thinking that someone is willing to purchase high-quality products, but the market is often willing to purchase close to the price. The stronger the desire to sell Bluetooth headset sets, the greater the likelihood of customers running away. High-value customers are never willing to be forced, but are willing to make their own decisions; low-energy customers are willing to be picky. Behind the product is the constant force, and it is the ability to see whether the Bluetooth headset cover can be sold.

Environmental protection silicone mobile phone case

When the static electricity is too large, our static electricity is too large. If the static electricity is stuck together, it is likely to catch fire, so try to touch the rubber material on the roller to prevent static electricity. As a result, the vulcanizing agent itself is not antistatic, and more vulcanizing agent is added during rubber mixing.

Color    The color of the silicone shell is prepared by adding a certain proportion of color paste to the silicone raw materials. Theoretically, the colors on the Pantone color card can be adjusted. In practice, there will be a certain degree of color difference.  Choose silicone   The silicone case is a well-known type of mobile phone protective sleeve. It has a soft texture and a slightly smooth feel, and has been popular in the market for many years. From the development of rough and unreasonable goods to the individual brand with excellent workmanship, the market share has always stayed ahead.

With the development of the times, silicone kitchen utensils have unique advantages. Silicone kitchen utensils have been widely used in foreign countries, but the market has not been popularized. Many users have a lot of puzzles about silicone kitchen utensils. The characteristics of silicone kitchen utensils are explained below. , Tasteless, healthy and environmentally friendly household kitchen utensils, with various colors, high temperature resistance, no flapping, easy cleaning, anti-aging and other unique advantages.

Environmental protection silicone mobile phone case

Food grade silicone products, according to authoritative e-commerce data, have shown an increase of over 30% in recent years. The main reason is that the parents of the younger generation have different consumption concepts when choosing children’s products. In the 1990s, parents' pursuit of a healthy life is far greater than the need for survival. When choosing baby products made of silicone products, they are willing to choose because silicone materials can meet the requirements of food grades such as LFGB and FDA. No security. For example, water bottles for babies, saliva bowls for meals, molar sticks, silicone spoons, etc. are products of milk powder merchants and parents of the younger generation.

With excellent performance, suitable type of ink and printing method, it is very suitable for varnishing rubber roller and UV type ink rubber roller. (Especially has good solvent resistance to diesel, gasoline, dampening oil, kerosene, saline solution, etc.) Fourth, high-grade rubber rollers are bright in appearance, the surface of the colloid is fine and smooth, and the glue is firmly bonded to the core. The size of the rubber roller will not change greatly at different temperatures, and can adapt to high temperature and high humidity environment or severe cold and dry climatic conditions.

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