How to choose the strap of Apple Watch

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When choosing the Apple Watch strap, you need to consider the following aspects in order:

The first aspect: case size

The case size is 38mm or 42mm, this is very important, these two types of straps are not interchangeable.

The second aspect: wrist circumference

The length of the Apple strap, except for Milanese and chain, will be divided into two models according to the length. The length is determined by your wrist circumference. The specific data is available on Apple's official website. Please accurately measure your wrist circumference. And choose the length of the strap according to the length given by Apple's official website. Too large or too small will cause discomfort or inconvenience to wear.

The third aspect: material

The material of the Apple strap is divided into sports type, leather (classic buckle, loop, modern style), Milanese, chain stainless steel (available in primary colors and black). For sensitive skin, some materials may cause allergies, so in Before choosing the material, please confirm whether you will be allergic to such materials to avoid discomfort after wearing. (Note: The loop is only 42mm, the modern style is only 38mm)

The fourth aspect: style and e5a48de588b67a686964616f31333337613830

This is the completely personalized factor. If you are young and love sports, of course, choose a sports strap, its color is richer and more diverse; if it is a professional manager, usually wear more formal wear, then it is preferred to match chains, classic buckles; if you like high-end fashion clothes, you can consider looping, Modern style, classic buckle; as for Milanese, it is a versatile type that can be matched with different styles of clothing.

The fifth aspect: luxury

The choice of the local tyrant, the metal on the Edition strap is the same as the case, it is 18K gold-the choice of the rich. For other aspects, refer to the above four items.

Sixth aspect: third party

The advantage of a third-party strap is that it is cheap. The problem is that the quality is uneven, and there are good and bad. The bad ones are very pitfalls. There have been examples of broken surfaces caused by unauthorized breakage of third-party straps, and more than one. The bad thing is, it's hard to tell good from bad. Use with caution!

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