How to perform anti-static treatment on the black silicone mobile phone case?

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In daily life, the black silicone mobile phone case is a must-have product for "fashionable people", but in the later use process, it is very prone to problems of dust and sticky hair, which is particularly obvious by the black background. Why does this happen? This is because the rubber itself has a high electrical resistivity, and the static electricity generated by the friction with the trouser pocket and air is difficult to leak, and the adsorption phenomenon caused by accumulation to a certain degree.

It can be cleaned with detergent, soft toothbrush and tap water to dissipate static electricity, but this can only play a temporary role. For real and permanent removal, you can carry out anti-static treatment on the mobile phone case through the raw materials The method of adding silicone antistatic agent to speed up the leakage of internal static charge, avoid the accumulation of static electricity, and prevent the phenomenon of adsorption.

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