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           The display of our store must allow buyers to quickly understand our products the moment they enter the store. And show whether any buyers have what they want.

           How to do this? This requires thinking about the cognitive habits of our brain. The brain is used to visual things and structured things.

          If you display a large number of product categories, there is no logic placed there, then buyers will understand very difficult. It may be difficult to choose or just close the page.


               In order to make the product display orderly and structured, a very scientific method is introduced here: MECE method.

MECE is the abbreviation of Mutually Exclusive Collectively Exhaustive, which means "independent and completely exhausted" in Chinese.

It is a very important principle proposed by Barbara Minto, the first female consultant of McKinsey, in The Minto Pyramid Principle.

MECE (independent and completely exhausted) is a basic principle of McKinsey's thinking process. "Independent" means that the breakdown of the problem is in the same dimension and is clearly distinguishable and non-overlapping. "Complete exhaustion" means comprehensive and thorough.

Combined with the display of our store, it is aimed at product classification and must comply with MECE rules.

Let's look at a bad example


This is a store that makes sexy lingerie, and the product categories in the store.

This classification is very messy. And there is overlap with each other.

Let's look at an example of a good store:

         There are 5 categories in total. I made a mind map, which looks more intuitive:

Erotic underwear case

Independent of each other: divided into 5 categories of products. There is no duplication.

Completely exhaustive: under each sub-category, different styles have been made. There is no conflict with each other.

With this product category, the buyer can quickly find the product he is looking for. Effectively improve the conversion rate of the store. Make a good impression on the buyer.

Let's take a look at a shop that makes sex toys

Generally speaking, the classification of this shop is okay, but it is not rigorous and clear enough, I reorganized the following:

Does this look more intuitive?

Finally, we also look at an example, this example is Decathlon sportswear. Let's take a look at his official website:

Because Decathlon specializes in sportswear. Therefore, there are many product categories. So how to divide these product categories becomes very important. In the upper left corner of his website is the product category.

He presents his products and services through 6 dimensions.

The first is to show by sports type.

Then clothing


Equipment category


Maintenance class

Personalized customization

Sports, mainly based on common sports scenes, display related products. I summarize two kinds of outdoor and indoor. Then according to the sports scene, such as playing badminton, billiards and so on.

The apparel category is divided into outdoor sports apparel, fitness apparel, etc.

Footwear is divided into outdoor sports footwear, fitness apparel, etc.

Equipment category is divided into outdoor sports equipment, fitness equipment and so on.

Maintenance and personalized customization are mainly to show Decathlon's service content. These are value-added services and high-margin services.

Through these details, we can understand why Decathlon can be so successful in the field of sportswear.

I have compiled a mind map. Is it clear to everyone? No matter from which angle, you can quickly find the products and services you want.

If you have time, I suggest that you may go to Decathlon's offline store to check it out. The placement of the goods in his physical store is also very knowledgeable.

I drew a picture, as follows, this is the shelf placement skills of a certain category of products:

On the whole, the price goes from right to left, and then from low to high, because the far right is close to the main channel.

Then there are multiple styles in each price zone. For example, A to E.

Vertically, from bottom to top, it is the size, from small to large.

This makes it clear at a glance, if you care about the price, you can quickly enter a different price range to choose, fancy style, then size. Pick quickly.

In summary, using the MECE method, we can sort out our product categories, let the store display science, and increase the conversion rate of the store.

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