Foreign trade practice: how to FOB quotation

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  1. 1

    Understand the meaning of FOB trade terms


  2. 2

    Understand the exchange rate of RMB to USD on the day, pay attention to the spot exchange purchase price


  3. 3

    The quoted exchange rate is estimated according to the trend of exchange rate changes. Generally, it is reserved to the single place, that is, 613

    100 USD = 613 RMB

    1 USD = 6.13 RMB


  4. 4

    Calculate goods tax refund


  5. 5

    Calculate goods tax refund


  6. 6

    Calculate actual export profit

    Actual profit = expected profit + export tax rebate amount-miscellaneous expenses for shipment to the port


  7. 7

    Situation 1: The actual profit meets the company’s requirements,

    Then the FOB Shanghai price is (10+2)÷6.13=USD1.96/PCS


    In the second situation, the actual profit cannot reach the company's profit, and the boss said that 1,400 yuan is too little. Then add 3 yuan for each item, repeat steps 5 and 6, and recalculate the actual profit = 3x1000+769-600=3169 yuan. The boss said that 3769 profits can be made.

    So the FOB Shanghai price is (10+3) ÷ 6.13=USD2.12/PCS



    You must calculate the actual profit before you can decide how much to add to the price of a single commodity, and then divide it by the interest rate

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